My heart is happy to capture newborn heartbeats as well as their parents and their siblings and this is one of those sessions 🙂 One of those shoots wherein the parents are not really into backgrounds but were into capturing heartbeats of their two babies and documenting a day in their life as well. 🙂

Newborn shoot by Amari Moments…capturing heartbeats, celebrating seasons 🙂

001-Amari Moments-00331 001-Amari Moments-00334 001-Amari Moments-00378 001-Amari Moments-00390 001-Amari Moments-00407 001-Amari Moments-00408 001-Amari Moments-00429 001-Amari Moments-00514 001-Amari Moments-00522 001-Amari Moments-00525 001-Amari Moments-00530 001-Amari Moments-00532 001-Amari Moments-00537

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