10.31.21 — still alive and shooting

2017. hi again 🙂 welcome to my site…i noticed that i have updated this page two years ago and so to make the two-year update a habit, i am writing this now 🙂

i made some changes on the menu bar, no longer the usual The Beatles song…i have decided to change some to the brand that i am creating with some friends…feel free to look around…we’ll be doing some more changes on the coming days…

for i haven’t come this far… to stay this far.



2015. hi, welcome to this site…for now, this is where i put my works, thoughts and other whatnots 🙂

i am a “batang 90s” influenced by the 60s, 70s and the 80s.   i am one of those young at once that stared at the clouds and imagine castles, dragons, and unicorns. i love capturing moments with my camera and turn every shots into a story.  You will find me at the corner of some coffee shops, watching people go by.

this 2015, i decided to do what i always wanted…and no, this is more than a mid-life crisis situation…the decision is more responding to life’s calling that very few people will understand.

feel free to browse my site. i used The Beatles’ songs for every page name…please click and discover the content for each song 😉


2013. hi, i’m myra and welcome to my site. (by the way, this is version 2.0 🙂 revised and lay out by www.melizzaaratan.com …so thankful for having talented people around me 🙂 thanks Em!

and so this is my site 🙂 i disabled any button that says you are following me or that you like my site…because hmm this is my site and in this my little space in the cyberspace, i don’t need any approval 🙂  but if you do like this site (and me :)), thank you very much 🙂 i hope somewhere in this life, we will have the chance to meet, to chat and to thank you for the appreciation 🙂

and so this is my about me page…hmmm…

after multiply converted into some online shopping site, i decided to revise, revive and this time make my dot com open to public 🙂 it’s just one night, i found myself wanting to purge out my emotions and i remember that my dear multiply where i put my online journal is now a shopping site and now, finally, here i am trying to think of what to write here in my About Me page…

been working on this site for quite some time now, thanks to my IT brother who helped me out to start this and to Em who send a site template that i found very useful…i thought of outsourcing buildingthis site but then i don’t know how to explain in words the kind of “look” that i have in mind so i ended up figuring things out after my working hours in corporate world 🙂


i love music and one of my favorites is The Beatles.  instead of naming each page the usual, i decided to use some of their songs 🙂

i’m a number cruncher, frustrated in a lot of things and until now, hesitant to call myself a photographer (i always think that God made me one in order to see me in His church and help me be a better person too ;))  oh well, i’ve been hesitant to do a lot of things…including this dot com.  so yes, this site is a product of hesitations, doubts, frustrations and above all, God’s goodness and unfailing love to someone like me  🙂

(written in 2012) i work in a company in Manila but function on a different timezone…i manage people, analyze financial reports and i cover weddings and other events whenever i can 🙂 so this website is also more of a compilation of those “whenever i can” moments 🙂

feel free to browse my site and let me know your thoughts 🙂

oh and i get by with a little help from:

Toni Aviles: for being there since day one that i found out i want to shoot people 🙂 probably one of the greatest gifts that Multiply site gave me is being able to have friends like Toni 🙂

Faye Trinidad and Miss Cat Ilacad  (of Poshnails and Octoarts): few of those people who noticed me 🙂 covering events for Posh and Octoarts are always “fun” events for me. i always think that i am blessed with kind hearted bosses, and Miss Cat will always be one of them 🙂  Faye is one of those people who gave and still giving me pointers on how to improve myself…with that i’m forever grateful.

Atty. Raymond Fortun: i’m still a fan girl shooting with my idol. being part of his photography team will always be a blessing. me, and my teammates in SAP then, used to waste our “idle” time lurking and browsing on his site. not really an active member of forum, it’s just that one day, i logged in and saw his ad and the rest as they say is history. every time doubts fill my mind, i always  remind myself, pumasa ka kaya kay RF 🙂 the wedding photographer in me will always be thankful to him.

Lindsay Ang: i really don’t listen to a lot of people…just a few who can give an honest feedback about my works and linds is one of those few. one of those few who can understand what i have in mind that i can never explain in words. i used to practice with my camera by walking and eating anywhere with Linds.

Imagine Nation for their Purpose Driven photography workshop

my DPMS team 🙂 Tess and Ghe (hehe they were my bosses then… thanks for being supportive outside office hours) and the rest of the originals of DPMS and my friends in SAP for always appreciating my works

my former team at DPMS 🙂 for being so good that minimum supervision applies (which means more time for me to be creative after office hours hehe) and my team at TMF Group now…for following me where i am and helping me make things happen 🙂

Ate Christia Mercene for being one of the greatest mentor that not everyone can find in the corporate world

Anj Ricardos and to the rest of my friends who always pray for me.

Em Aratan the rockstar artist hehe visit her site to know exactly what i mean – www.melizzaaratan.com

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  1. Winnie Lyn dela Cruz says:

    Hi Myra,

    I’m a friend of Maricris Cruz who referred me to your site.
    I would like to check if you do photography for Baptism and Children’s Party (1st Birthday). If yes, would like to know your rates or packages.

    Winnie Lyn dela Cruz

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