finally found time to write…so how do you make a music video? 🙂 (especially when the song is not a heartbreak song but also not a happy love song)… how do you tell someone “what can i do?…”  something that i learned “after” shooting the video from Gil (check the video for his role on this vid) is to prepare a story board “before” the shoot 🙂 drawing and sketching will do…so i guess will find time to “doodle” with my pen and sketchbook soon 🙂 the most challenging part for me will be filtering the ideas that i can think of…i want something else something more “abstract” (i stop this mainly out of fear that people will not understand, oh well, maybe next time) but then there’s not enough time to prepare for props and other things that i need…i asked for my friend’s Anj help in finalizing the flow of the video. and, here’s the portion of the story board that i prepared for my editor, Nico.

during the shoot, Christian told me to be comfortable in saying “Rolling. Action. Cut” …at the beginning, it was quite a struggle haha, yeah men it was a struggle but got used to it after shooting the first scene…it was not easy for i was “directing” and “ordering” Christian of what to do…but it’s not difficult either for he is really good and nice 🙂

shot at MN8 Studio, a pretty artistic studio that is good for prenup, portrait shoots etc …yeah, go ahead and ask for rates, tell them you’ve seen the place here 🙂 i was not able to take the “portrait” shots with Cris that i want due to lack of time…so for now, i’ll just pray for that next time to happen soon 🙂



and then there’s the behind the scenes shots 🙂 the kulitan in between 🙂 too bad, i can’t find the group shots with Christian…anyway, until next shoot 🙂 and again…Thank you! 🙂

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