My 2015 notes…Carpe diem…Surprise yourself and do something different for the first time…Pursue that thing that sets your soul on fire and do that “F” word to yourself…which is forgive…something that I tried everyday instead of being too harsh to self…forgive yourself for the wrong grammar, missed punctuations, missed deadlines, missed shots, for the imperfections, for trusting wrong people, for walking away when you’ve had enough of others’ shit and following your dreams, then move on and live another day…for there are seasons when we can’t do anything but to trust the process and have faith that we will not miss anything that are meant for us…for there are days that we can say that the “struggle” is real (such as being an introvert in an extrovert world, or finding self as the center of joke of people waiting for you to have a social media “fairy tale stories” while you are great with gypsy life) and there’s nothing that we can do but to remind ourselves that before anyone got an opinion, you got a purpose…and there will be days when the only thing that we can do is be still, breathe and if it will make you feel good, say out loud the first “F” word that you can think of.2015 Notes by Myra Ho

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