some of my snaps for covering behind the scenes and show for Ryan Madamba. Thankful for Rocio Olbes for hiring me in documenting this awesome event.

0013-Myra Ho-IMG_9404

0015-Myra Ho-IMG_9407

0029-Myra Ho-IMG_94300017-Myra Ho-IMG_9409

0023-Myra Ho-IMG_9421

0040-Myra Ho-IMG_9455003-Myra Ho-IMG_9524 004-Myra Ho-IMG_9528

0044-Myra Ho-IMG_9464

0056-Myra Ho-IMG_9523

0067-Myra Ho-IMG_9543

008-Myra Ho-IMG_9760

0088-Myra Ho-IMG_95760012-Myra Ho-IMG_3894 0013-Myra Ho-IMG_3899 0014-Myra Ho-IMG_3918

0020-Myra Ho-IMG_9927 0022-Myra Ho-IMG_0038
0027-Myra Ho-IMG_0097 0028-Myra Ho-IMG_0132
0031-Myra Ho-IMG_0281 0032-Myra Ho-IMG_0288 0039-Myra Ho-IMG_0485

0095-Myra Ho-IMG_9587 00105-Myra Ho-IMG_9598 00123-Myra Ho-IMG_9626 00151-Myra Ho-IMG_9683

00373-Myra Ho-IMG_9768

00373-Myra Ho-IMG_9516

00373-Myra Ho-IMG_977600161-Myra Ho-IMG_9725 00164-Myra Ho-IMG_9729

00183-Myra Ho-IMG_9864 00187-Myra Ho-IMG_9893 00194-Myra Ho-IMG_9975 00196-Myra Ho-IMG_9985 00197-Myra Ho-IMG_0003 00198-Myra Ho-IMG_0018 00205-Myra Ho-IMG_0115 00206-Myra Ho-IMG_0117 00222-Myra Ho-IMG_0145 00227-Myra Ho-IMG_0159 00234-Myra Ho-IMG_0169 00254-Myra Ho-IMG_0209 00269-Myra Ho-IMG_0236 00309-Myra Ho-IMG_0325 00318-Myra Ho-IMG_0346 00333-Myra Ho-IMG_0379 00363-Myra Ho-IMG_0442 00373-Myra Ho-IMG_0523

00376-Myra Ho-IMG_0527 00377-Myra Ho-IMG_0528 00382-Myra Ho-IMG_3942

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