Being able to do what you love is something to be thankful for…but what if being able to do what you love means serving people, giving hope and changing lives of street children? Honestly, I can’t imagine being that selfless, that’s why, I’m always in awe of social workers, volunteers, missionaries and the likes…and Sharon and Billy are few of those people that I have met in this lifetime, whose life will always be a wonder to me. I can only be happy when I found out about their relationship.
Sharon is the head of Children’s Garden that takes good care of street children while Billy is a missionary here in the Philippines. Can’t help but be thankful as I look back on their prenup shoot. There’s a big chance of rain on that day but it only rain after we’d finished with our shoot and the rain stopped when we shoot again at some street in Antipolo.
Thank you to Toni Aviles for helping me with this gift to Billy and Sharon.

Make up by Toni Aviles

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