shaking off negativity 🙂 not really my habit to post pictures after wedding event, it is only now that i am able to browse and remember some memorable weddings that i got the opportunity to cover… weddings that made me smile and even made me shed a tear or two while clicking my camera and yes, i got the dose of good vibes that i need while browsing photos… feel free to read on and click on the pictures for the link to gallery…my favorite 2012 weddings in no particular order 🙂

12.12.12 noli and viqui renewal of vows

last of those “repetitive dates” … i really want to do what i love to do on this date, so being able to cover this wedding was another wish granted 🙂  …celebrating 25 years of being husband and wife…man, that’s 25 years… what makes this wedding memorable aside from the fact that it stood the test of 25 years, the renewal  was made in San Beda chuch and we’re told that no weddings will be allowed there anymore…kase hindi daw yun church but a chapel instead. unforgettable line from sir noli when asked bakit ang sexy pa din ni miss viqui, “hindi ko sya binigyan ng maraming anak”  🙂

i’ve always been a cynical about this “forever” thing, so seeing and being able to capture two people renewing vows after 25 years is like a hmm a shot at forever to me 😉

(for Raymond Fortun photography team)


09.28.12 rookie and michelle

one of the sweetest speeches of the groom that i’ve ever heard and yes, the hopeless romantic in me shed a tear while clicking my camera 🙂 in his speech the groom recalled  what he and his wife had been through and that the wedding is “to make bawi” to his wife. i love it when he said how his wife made him strive to make “bawi” and be a better man every day of his life… and this was the day that i wore the official photographer ID in St James Alabang 🙂 (yes, my favorite church and a church that will always be special to me)

(for Raymond Fortun photography team)


12.20.12 peter and rem

what made this wedding special is the Mayan’s prediction that the world would end on the 21st of december 2012 haha…in one of my prayers then, i jokingly asked God if i could have the 20th as “camera day” 🙂 God granted my wish…and yes as we all know by now that it is business as usual after the 21st of december.

(with the iloveBNS team)


04.28.12 rob and marie

last year, i had this simple wish before my birthday, i want to experience covering a wedding in boracay. two weeks (or less) i received the confirmation that i’ll be flying to boracay on my birthday month 🙂 rob and marie were such a nice couple that made the event coverage fun and breezy 🙂

(with the iloveBNS team)


 02.18.12 arnold and katherine

they’ve been together for 14 years 🙂 and their wedding day was the day that they had their first kiss…(you know that part wherein the pastor announced you may now kiss the bride thing)…i love how the groom “personalized” the script in the ceremony…instead of having the usual “in sickness and in health…till death to us part” blah blah  portion…the groom added: remember you are loved. remember faithful and true…yeah, i was silently saying, awww sweet while shooting 😀  i love all the wedding messages and the toast speeches, oh well wish i could write down on verbatim but my memory is not good enough…ang alam ko lang, naiiyak ako while shooting…ako na ang iyakin 😛

 (for Raymond Fortun photography team)


10.06.12 edison and victoria

well, this is their third time to say “i do” …first was on their civil wedding then on their “first” church wedding…isn’t it sweet that after all those years, the man you married ages ago will not get tired of marrying you over and over again? 🙂  (dear Lord, parang gusto ko rin pong maging hobby in the future ang magpakasal but in different countries 🙂 of course with the same man ;))  they had mediterranean as a theme so they had some special guests that delighted all the boys in the room…they even had a celebrity guest (a look alike of the bride) that made their program more interesting 🙂

(with iloveBNS team)


 12.28.12 jv and tetet

they got a very interesting “engagement ring”…their cute baby 🙂  i love this wedding because the ceremony was at my favorite church again 🙂 i love their wedding vows… can’t remember who said the ff (oh well of course, i was teary-eyed) – “one of the best rollercoaster rides…”  and “as cliche as it may sound, we made it…”

(for Raymond Fortun photography team)


10.20.12 joma and gladys

probably one of the most iyakin grooms that i met 🙂  and this is another”shy boy” story 🙂 another couple that crossed the lines of friendship and ended up saying “i do” i love the part when the groom sang to his bride. another thing that i can remember about this wedding, the song love will be our home (one of my favorites) was played several times throughout the wedding 🙂

(for Raymond Fortun photography team)


12.01.12 darrell and mica

welcoming december with a very happy wedding. during the preparation, mobile phones were confiscated because according to the bride the only memory that she wanted her family to remember was her wedding on that day. they even have a 3k bet to be paid by the one who will cry first.  🙂 my favorite parts of the program were 1. the groom surprised her bride with a song 🙂 2. the father of the bride’s speech where most people were also in tears while the father tells everyone her daughter’s sacrifices for the family that she only deserved nothing but happines not only on her wedding day but for the rest of her life  🙂

(for Raymond Fortun photography team)


06.24.12 andrew and gen

a chinese wedding on my list 😉 i find the bride so pretty…she’s so beautiful in whatever angle even when there’s a white veil covering her face 🙂  San Agustin church is beautiful as usual 🙂


i hope you enjoyed wasting your time on this page. i’m looking forward on finding myself writing another round of wedding stories for 2013 🙂

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